Polk County Communications Center

Submitted by Joahanna Bohannon

First of all, I’d like to say a few things about the dispatchers who work for Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Polk County, Mena, Arkanasas.  These are a fine group of people, who have had very little recognition (just like a lot of agencies) and particularly only being recognized one time during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week in the last seven years.

I, myself, have had the enjoyment of not only being recognized, but also participated in events, such as awards ceremonies, banquets, door prizes, meals, snacks, etc.  This is when I worked at a much larger agency years prior.  When I was hired on with Polk County SO (not only dispatching for the Sheriff’s Department, but also dispatching for Mena Police Department), I was certainly in for a culture shock.  Not only a small community, but also working for such a small agency.  The closeness of the community was beyond my comprehension.  I’ve heard about places such as this, however would not have known it if I did not move here.  People actually still wave while you are passing by and help each other out more than I expected.

There are four full time dispatchers, and if fully staffed, have one floater that helps work the shifts in-between.  They also have four full time jailers, and if also fully staffed, have one floater that helps work their shift as well.  One dispatcher and one jailer on each 12 hour shift, and they help give the other a break whenever possible.  Something else I was not used to, on account that I came from an agency where there was a minimum of two people on at all times.

Although I left the dispatch center, and went to another department, I want to do what I can to help Polk County Communications Center as much as I can.  They are remarkable group of people.  One has just celebrated her 41st year in dispatch ….. YEA!!!  These are special group of dispatchers, who has not had the recognition that they so much deserve.

Thank you 🙂