The Dispatch Club

Kenton County Emergency Communications Center

A band of dispatchers from different walks of life endure a 3 am Sunday shift under the intensified pressure as public scrutiny grows, amplifying their responsibilities in an expanding county.

This disparate group includes a plethora of personalities from many facets of life. During the twilight hours these unique personalities all attempt to share their story in an attempt to keep each other alert and engaged- when the shift ends these individuals determine the shift will never be the same.

Why this plot represents KCECC

This embodies the essence of KCECC, as each member contributes their own unique quirks to our dynamic team.

Our workforce is a vibrant tapestry of personalities, spanning across four shifts, encompassing both similarities and contrasts.

During quieter periods, we come together to share glimpses into our daily lives and reminisce about past experiences. These intimate exchanges foster deep connections among us, forging bonds that strengthen and unite the team.