The Golden Year for the Thin Gold Line

Christine Borchers, Administrative Specialist, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

Each team (T1Days, T1Nights, T2Days, T2Nights) are making large window decorations telling the story of the history of each agency we are partnered with (we are a combined communications center). Our Support Services Unit (training academy) will decorate 2 windows with the overall history of 911 and 911 around the world including the number you dial in those countries.
We will have black and gold balloon trees and many other decorations throughout the Center.
The staff designed and sold t-shirts to go with the theme as a fundraiser (photo attached).

We did many other fundraisers (spaghetti lunch, bake sales, candy sales, etc.) to fund the festivities of the week.
Banners are placed in front of the CCC Building as well as the Sheriff’s Office during the entire week.
Monday & Tuesday & Friday: Team 1 Works
Wednesday & Thursday: Team 2 Works
Monday & Wednesday: All staff will be served pancakes, sausage and orange juice cooked by the Administrative Specialist and served by command staff from the Division Manager to the Commanders.
Tuesday and Thursday: Chicken and Pulled Pork is being purchased from a local BBQ place. Another restaurant is donating green beans and rolls. The Administrative Specialist is making the baked beans, coleslaw and macaroni salad.
Wednesday & Friday: In the afternoon an ice cream bar is set up with all the toppings!
So each team will get all the goodies.

Each day the entire staff of the 911 Center as well as the rest of the Technical Services Division will participate in the ‘feedings’. This totals approximately 70 per day. On Tuesday, retirees from the CCC as well as our partnering agencies are invited to stop by for lunch.

Using funds raised, we purchased thin gold line bracelets and stainless steel insulated “WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A VOICE … TELECOMMUNICATOR” cups. E911 donated “50 Years of 911” pins for each Telecommunicator. The EOC donated koozies and chip clips.