The Invisible Hand: Calm in the Storm

Consolidated Communications Partnership – Fort Wayne/Allen County 911

Nobody wishes to ever experience the traumatic experiences that are involved in a life-altering emergency. Never has there been someone to wake up, and hope to suffer through an emergency situation. Nevertheless, the world we all live in is not so forgiving. People suffer through heart-wrenching, emotional, traumatic incidents every hour of every day of every month of every year.

In order to aid the public through such incidents, there is a group of incredible men and women of all ages, whose duties are to listen to each and every one of these incidents, sometimes as they are happening, and send the help needed for the best chance of a happy ending. Who is this group? Why are they so special? They are known as “The Invisible Hand” (or, maybe more commonly, as “911 Dispatchers”).

The Invisible Hand is a select group of extraordinary individuals who have an incredible ability to remain calm, even through the most challenging and most stressful situations imaginable. The Invisible Hand, in addition to hearing these emergent situations over the phone, oftentimes escalating as they are listening, must swiftly dispatch the appropriate Heroes to render aid on the scene. The Hand is tasked with the daunting responsibilities of identifying the type of emergency and the appropriate type of response, in addition to being extremely patient, maintaining their own composure, and keeping their caller calm throughout the situation. Hand members are gifted with a wonderful ability to be sympathetic in any scenario, which aids in their efforts to assist their callers.

While members of the Invisible Hand are never physically on the scene of these emergencies, they have the power to use what they hear and what their callers tell them to create a vivid image of the actual scene. Hand members are able to use this power to create the safest and fastest Hero response necessary for any emergency.

Despite all their powers and abilities (including, but not limited to: doing dozens of tasks at the same time, possessing an incredible deal of patience, an “extensive vocabulary”, the ability to switch from their “mom voice” to a calm, soothing tone in the blink of an eye, and a tremendously great passion for what they do), members of the Invisible Hand aren’t able to do everything. If you ask any of them what they wish they could do that they are unfortunately unable to, nearly all of them would wish for “an eye in the sky”, in order to skip having to utilize their powers of creating the vision of what is happening. Being able to truly see what is happening from the beginning would be a great gift to these incredible people.

At the end of the day, powers or no powers, the Invisible Hand operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Along with the Heroes they dispatch, the Invisible Hand and all of its members continues to do what they do best: passionately, calmly, and fearlessly facing the darkest of times, and helping the public. The Hand may not always be recognized or thought of, but they will ALWAYS be there, ready to take the call.