The Usual Suspects

Atlanta 9-1-1

Atlanta 911’s ECC Movie is “The Usual Suspects.” The plot is that on any given day, you can catch co-workers mentoring and encouraging one another, stepping up where needed, and working like a well-oiled machine.

Atlanta 911 call center is like any other PSAP across America. You have the “usual suspects” your hard working Call Takers, Dispatchers, Supervisors, and Directors that are dedicated to the safety of the community. Working on the frontline of Public Safety whether the federal government recognizes it or not.

Yes, these angels of the of the airway, the voices you hear when you need it most, can be found doing the important work of 911 because it’s in our blood. Sometimes we laugh & sometimes we cry, but from potlucks to bowling outings we play hard because we work hard for ATLANTA!!!