A Life-Changing Call

Kris Eich, WESTCOM Dispatch Center

(Recording of a 9-1-1 call in which a dispatcher guided a husband through CPR on his wife, who had collapsed.)

I can’t tell you much I love my job and the amazing feeling I had that day when I found out that the patient had survived. It was truly a blessing and a picture perfect team effort! Everyone from her family and friends on scene, to the police officer, my firefighters, the ER staff and the Metro LifeFlight crew; they all had a part in helping to save her life.

People not involved in the emergency services profession are unaware of the impact dispatchers may have on a person or family during any given day. Most days come and go without incident but then that one time you pick up the phone, you have a life changing call. So many times as a dispatcher, you wonder what happened to the patient and if you made a difference. I am honestly so blessed to have been a part of helping this patient and then being able to meet her, her husband (that did an amazing job performing CPR) and the rest of her family; it has made my career thus far.