Game Ideas for NPSTW

Grace Wells, Administrative Manager, Marion County 911

In the past we had played a few fun games that everyone seemed to enjoy. We have had a jar of different kind of M&M’s with money hidden in a Ziploc bag inside. Whomever came closest to guessing the number of M&M’s (without going over) won the jar and the money at the end of the week.

We had everyone bring in a baby picture and printed a big poster with numbers on each picture. Whoever matched them all correctly (or came the closest) won a prize.

We’ve played the dispatcher bingo before also.

Last year we had our shift leads or management give out raffle tickets when they saw something good, someone volunteered for a shift, or just anything during that week. Then at the end of the week we drew for prizes.

We have gotten vendors to donate some things in the past and we raffled off any bigger prizes.