Remembering Why …

Theresa Horn, Emergency Call Taker 2, Prince Georges County Communications

It seems that every day at work is the same old same old. I used to believe I was making a difference. Now lately it’s just been doing my job. It’s what I’m supposed to do … until yesterday.  I was once again reminded of why I chose the job I did. I received a call and was able to make a difference in someone’s life.

I know every call is that way but this one was different. I didn’t have an address and was going to leave it at that but it just didn’t sit right in my gut. So instead of waiting for the caller to call back with an exact address I called her back got further information on the victim and dispatched the call to the street the victim was on. I was hoping that the call would get dispatched and officers would find the victim on the street. Not even sure if it was the right street for sure.

It turns out they did go, they found the house and witnessed an assault first hand and the suspect was arrested and the victim was safe, at least for the night. Everything lined up that night and it was a reminder of why I started this journey.