Danika Lubold

Alachua County Combined Communications

My superhero is Danika Lubold.

She started at the center several years ago at a very young age. Danika has overcome many obstacles during her time to include a bad motor vehicle accident where she was badly injured and a relationship where she was the subject of obsessive behavior of a subject which made her constantly having to watch her back for a long period of time.

These and many other trials she has overcome with a positive attitude and the drive to continue helping our community in her positions as call taker, dispatcher fire and law enforcement, training officer, supervisor and then to continue her pursuit to become the awesome shift commander that she is today.

Danika has set an awesome example for others in CCC. She is quick to check on co-workers when she feels they need assistance. Danika helps with food and activity plans and is always a caring and compassionate person.

She is my Superhero.