Congratulations to Our NPSTW 2023 Contest Winners!

Thank you to all who participated in the NPSTW 2023 contest “Who Is Your Sidekick or Super Team?”  We loved reading so many compelling stories from our favorite superheroes.

All of the entries demonstrated the closeness of emergency communications center (ECC) staff and the importance of working together as a team but there can be only two winners. The posts receiving the most likes in two categories – ECCs with 1-35 employees and those with 36 or more employees – receive a $100 gift card to treat their center.

Winning the 1-35 employee category is Floyd County 911 for the post My Why.

“I have been doing this job for 23 years and even though I absolutely love it, the reason why I have stayed in it for so long is because of the people by my side. “

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Oswego County 911 won the 36 and over category with Port City Protectors.

“We have been understaffed by the equivalent of one team, but everyone has done amazing pulling together to make up for it and help each other out when it’s needed!”

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Because we received a number of entries for canine sidekicks, we added a special award for the “top dog.” Dorchester County 911 Center’s two dog-related posts – Odyssey and In Memory of Stryker — scored first and second of all the dog posts.

“Stryker was adopted from our county animal controls division in August 2022 and became our department’s emotional support dog. He quickly turned the morale in our center upside down.”

“Odyssey was given to us by a rescue shortly after losing [Stryker] unexpectedly in January 2023. Since Odyssey got here, he’s healed our broken hearts. Joy fills the room the second he walks in.”

Odyssey will receive a $25 gift card to PetSmart.

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