Iberia Parish Communications Center

Submitted by Norma Hebert

As a past employee of the Comm Center and a current employee of the director, I have watched the Center completely reorganize and come out as 2 professional workplaces.

For 13 years, the Sheriff’s Office had the responsibility for patrolling and providing law enforcement for most of the Parish.  Their Communications Officers were responsible for dispatching 95% of law enforcement and fire dispatch for the Parish and answering all 911 calls for the Parish.  In July 2018, the City of New Iberia stood up its police department once again.  The current Comm Center, not large enough for all agencies involved, evolved with the Sheriff’s Office moving back to the Courthouse to their Comm Center.  911 Calls are now being answered by Iberia Parish Communications District employees in the Comm Center, as well as the dispatching of all fire departments.  The New Iberia Police Department also occupies the Comm Center and is responsible for law enforcement dispatch for the largest municipality in the Parish.

While this could have been a recipe for disaster, these 3 agencies worked together through personnel issues and equipment and phone issues with minimal issues.

We’re a small Parish, but these ladies and gentlemen are to be commended for their professionalism!