Lewiston Auburn 911

Submitted by Katie Gallant

APCO should buy my team at Lewiston Auburn 911 lunch because they are one of the busiest PSAP’s in the State of Maine and they are Rock Stars! Lewiston Auburn 911 is co-funded by the municipalities of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine. That means we are the outside organization that has a small miscellaneous budget to pay for celebrations and employee recognition for the 20 full-time, 3 part-time dispatchers, and 5 admin staff. I do my best to stretch that money and make sure each and every one of my dispatchers feels appreciated, but it isn’t easy.

My first NPSTW in 2017 I threw a weeklong Super Heroes themed celebration with snacks, games, raffles, and a homemade lunch for all three shifts. Last year I chose a Carnival theme and decorated the “floor” like a carnival midway. We had carnival themed snacks and played games and had all the carnival favorite foods for our luncheon. I don’t solicit for donations, although I may have to this year as the budget is a little tighter. Having APCO buy us lunch would not only be financially helpful but it would also be great to treat my team to a catered lunch!