GPS Saved a Life

Ericka Masters, Corporal, St. Johns County Sheriffs Office

Roughly six months ago I was working a radio when I was notified by a call taker that she received a 911 call from a gentleman pleading for help and said he was going to hang himself. She had stamped a call based off the phase 2 wireless coordinates his phone relayed and I immediately dispatched deputies there. I asked the dispatcher to email me the image her mapping system provided then compared that image with the live AVL tracking software we have so I could direct deputies to where the phone signal pinged.

Within 6 minutes of the initial dispatch, deputies were on scene and located the male subject hanging. They arrived in time to cut him down and save his life. He was then taken to receive mental and medical assistance and had it not been for the cell phone GPS and quick response from deputies I wouldn’t have had the chance to share this story and the life we saved that day. THAT is the reason I do this job.