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Which of these superpowers do you think public safety telecommunicators have or need? Vote for your favorites by liking the posts.

Man (And Woman) of Steel!

Faster (at typing) than a speeding bullet, stronger (mentally) than the raging seas. Able to quell the fears and command the response from a single console. The calm in the chaos, the voice in the …

Weather Warriors

We brave the worst that Mother Nature has to offer just to get to work sometimes!  Hurricanes, blizzards, flooding?  No problem.  We leave our families to go to work in some of the worst of …


No matter the situation self composure, transmitted  over the radio or phone, shows that you are keeping it together for the caller. It defines that your doing your best for them to see it thru. …

Remote Viewing

I think Public Safety Telecommunicators should have the ability to REMOTE VIEW through the reporting parties eyes. What a superpower it would be!  This would be very helpful when a reporting party is in shock …

Listen carefully!!

This super power is determining the difference between an actual emergency or a mentally unstable caller making up a story with no emergency at all.

Super Hearing

A Telecommunicator may not be able to stop a moving car or a falling building, but we have the power to gather all the information and send our hero partners to save those in need.


If you get a weird creepy feeling about a call, even when they are telling you that all is OK, dispatch it and tell your responders that something just doesn’t feel right.

Telecommunicators, Activate Superpowers

Last year for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, we asked you to name your superheroes. Since we agreed you are ALL superheroes, we want to know this year what makes you that way – we’re …