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Carteret Emergency Communications

During the peak of the hurricane our center received quadruple the amount of calls than we do on a “normal” day.  Every single person at the center had to put their personal lives on hold

Pasadena Police Department

Our job is truly one of the most demanding, stressful, thankless positions there is in a police department. And most of us make it look effortless.

Kentucky State Police Post 5 Campbellsburg

People don’t call us to tell us about their wonderful day. They don’t call us to tell us that they love the police. We don’t hear about someone’s great day. We hear their worst.

Birmingham City 911

Every dispatcher I have worked around handles every call as if it was someone dear to them, motivated to assist any situation that is on the other end of the phone.

Bonner County Sheriff Dispatch

We’re a small center in North Idaho and have a great little dedicated group of dispatchers that have been through some really horrible incidents, as do most in this field.

Gwinnett County 911

Gwinnett County 911 Dispatchers are a team as a whole. Although we work four separate rotations we still continue to assist each other across the board.

KSP Post 1

I work with an awesome group of telecommunicators! We have been through tornados, floods, blizzards, an active shooter situation and two LOD deaths together. 

San Bruno Police Department

On April 3, 2018, at approximately 12:45 p.m., an active shooter incident took place at the YouTube campus located in San Bruno.

Medical Transportation Coordination Centre

The fast paced, life and death nature of emergency medical dispatch requires competence, professionalism, accuracy, speed AND compassion…all of which are improved by eating a good lunch!

Floyd County 911

Floyd 911 is a group of 31 individuals that come together as a family to serve their community as if they were helping one of their own.

Plymouth County Control

We are very busy 24/7 as most centers are however we are a unique control center for the county.

League City Police Dept

“Woof” everyone! I think that means hello in the human world. My name is TC, that’s short for Telecommunicator.

Laurens County E-911

We have not only improved the safety and response capabilities of our public safety personnel, but also the safety and well-being of our community.

Milwaukee Police TCD

I only have 3 years on so I get to work the late shift … What I love especially about our shift is that we all work together, we don’t let others fail.

Grande Prairie 911

Our geographic call answer area is 133,318 sq km or 82,840 sq miles and we provide fire dispatch services through the entire region.   

City of Arlington Dispatch Services

Often, we are called silent heroes that sometimes are forgotten. We strive to be heard and brag about not only how hard we work, but also about being human.


Our center has dealt with tragedies such as the  911 terrorist attacks to Super Storm Sandy and beyond.

YOLO 9-1-1 Super Heroes

This year we are celebrating our heroes with a super hero theme. We have a week planned of lots of games, activities and food, of course!

St. Joseph County 911

Our comm center has been through the struggle for the past four years as we consolidated down into one center.

Lewiston Auburn 911

APCO should buy my team at Lewiston Auburn 911 lunch because they are one of the busiest PSAP’s in the State of Maine and they are Rock Stars!

Fort Collins 911

While we know that all dispatch centers are great, we think our team is amazing and they demonstrate professionalism, dedication, and compassion every day.

Getting Better Every Year at Celebrating

  Our communication center has gotten better every year at celebrating this week! Themed days, from Viva La 911, to Luaus! Our supervisors allows us to do no-uniforms all week with jeans! And even some of the local businesses have got involved and donated food and beverages to our team …

Sheridan County 911

While I could bore everyone with the stats on my center and all the work we do, it’s really preaching to the choir.


OPCD celebrates NPSTW just like New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras!! Party, party, party! We have themed days like Nerd Day. We also have BBQ’s out back and we are given gifts from our Supervisors and Executive Director. We end the party with a Proclamation Ceremony at the City Council Chambers …

Calhoun County 9-1-1

Just like every other agency out there…we all work long, hard hours. We miss holidays and special events with our families.

Lake County 911 Communications

In the last few years we have pulled together and worked impossible hours when we have been even more shorthanded than we are now,

Heartland Communications

HCFA is a strong and stable 911 dispatch communications center that provides services to fire/EMS agencies in parts of San Diego County.

Paulding E-911

“The Best of the Best,” every employee here goes above and beyond the call of duty every day.

Chippewa County Central Dispatch

Our telecommunicators are both call takers and dispatchers simultaneously; they work long hours and often stay past their regularly scheduled 12 hour shifts.

Denver 911

Throughout the past year, Denver 911 faced extraordinary challenges and circumstances with compassion, kindness and grace.

Knox County 911- Ohio

Whenever some kind of tragedy occurs in our county, our dispatch center tends to work together in the chaos that comes with it.


Northern911 offers Voice over Internet Protocol (V911) emergency call taking to carriers across North America.


On November 28, 2016 I became the person on the other end of a 911 call.

Henry Co. 911

We work in a small tight knit community serving folks we know on a first name bases. From August 2017 to March 2018  we suffered great loss.

St Joseph County 911

We are a fairly newly consolidated center, and our dispatchers have suffered a ton of changes over the last few years.


Myself and co-supervisor Maura Maschinski have created a list of quizzes and contest that started on February 3rd. Contest includes perfect attendance through March 30th. 100% on QA’s through March 30th, dispatch quizzes, reciting the department’s mission statement upon management’s request, etc. We purchased pretend money that looks so real …

Consolidated Dispatch Agency

As the liaison for the Tallahassee Fire Department to the CDA, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our “First” First Responders.

Marion County Public Safety

I have seen this team deal with an impending hurricane, a school shooting and responding to the call for help from a neighbor county after Hurricane Michael.

Shawnee Communications Center

This past year, the Shawnee telecommunicators faced continuous change, a nation-wide staffing shortage, as well as, the evolution of the 9-1-1 industry.

Littleton Police Communications

In addition to being the most fun, comedic, and entertaining group you will ever meet, we also have a chief-approved, live-in unicorn.

Bell County Comm Center

I wanted to share a story that shows the team’s dedication to our jobs as well as a proven testament to what we are capable of.

Hancock County 911 (Indiana)

While our dispatch family knows how to have fun no matter what we are doing, our jobs are serious and we get the job done when called upon.

Montgomery County Celebrations

We had a fun filled week! We played Telecommunicator Bingo, Jelly Bean count and ” How well do you know your co-worker? “during the week. The games seemed to be a big hit and we only did them on certain days. We had raffles and also did Candy Grams. We …

West Chester, Ohio, Thanks 911 Emergency Dispatchers

West Chester is singing the praises of its unsung heroes this week during National Public Safety Telecomunnicators Week (NPSTW). NPSTW is celebrated every second week of April as a way to say “thank you” to 911 emergency dispatchers for their commitment to public service. As first responders, dispatchers are often …

Dedication Video

This year we celebrated with an all new dedication video. The video was full of “thank you’s” and gratitude from fellow airport employees. Dispatchers enjoyed ice cream sundaes from Cold Stone Creamery as they watched the video. The dispatchers were also given gift bags full of goodies and t-shirts.

NTW 2018

We had a theme week for our center which included: Crazy Hat/Hair Day, Decade Day, Hippie Day, Beach Day, Cowboy/Farmer Day, Patriotic Day and more! We have had treats delivered every day our dispatchers and folks have come in on all shifts to say THANK YOU for what you do. …

Glendale Arizona Telecomm Theme Week

We have put a lot of work into the week and have made it very successful. This week has been a theme week with dressing up each day from GREASE, Mardi Gras, Western Day, Marvel, Aloha Friday. We were able to give each Dispatcher a SWAG Bag with a personalized …

I Celebrate You!

​Dear Fellow Dispatchers, Operators, Telecom­municators, You deserve to be celebrated for the services you provide to your community and the field personnel of the agencies that you dispatch. I celebrate YOU! You deserve to be recognized for the sacrifices you make; working nights, holidays, weekends with little to no sleep. …

NPSTW Trail Mix

This year we did a make your own trail mix bar! We bought trail mix favorites by the pound at a local store and supplied Tupperware to everyone for storing.  It was a great alternative to the sugary donuts and cakes we have had in the past! Then on Wednesday we …

Food, Treats and Gifts All Week

Our week is jam packed to celebrate the hard work all of our dispatchers put in! Monday our Admin staff provided breakfast! Tuesday the shifts got pizza for dinner! Wednesday and Friday San Bernardino County Firefighters Local 935 is doing a BBQ and has invited all of their personnel to …

A Week-Long Celebration of Staff

We have a week long celebration of our staff. Each day is sponsored by a different group within the Sheriff’s office from Police Officer’s Guild to the various Union’s representing the Comm. Center to the S.H.E.R.I.F.F. Fund to the Soup Ladies ( Each day has a different theme and food/beverages …

NTIA Celebrates the Nation’s Public Safety Telecommunicators

David J. Redl, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator, published this piece marking National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week and recognizing the men and women who work behind the scenes.

Nine One One

Thought I would just send you the poem that I wrote for this week. You can see it on FB by this link or read below Nine One One Nine one one Linking life out of death On the worst days of life A loved one’s last breath All the …

Celebrating National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

From April 8 to 14, our Public Safety Communications Center will celebrate with themed dress attire, a window decorating competition, Ding Awards, a light-hearted awards reception and more. We provide lunch , we do snow cones , we have an article featured in our local work newsletter highlighting our men …

NPSTW in Virginia

Good evening, Virginia. On this first day of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, I want you to know how grateful I am and the Board is for the work you do, the way you do it, and the support and energy you give each other and this Chapter. Attached is my take …

We “connect people in need to people with solutions”

In support of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, I posted the following on our Facebook page. Today, April 8, 2018 begins National Public Safety Tele Communicators Week and it continues until April 14. Every year during the second week of April, telecommunications personnel in the public safety community are honored. …

Charlie Shift Rocks!

The Emergency Communications Center at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office celebrates PSTW every year and this year is no different. The enclosed photo is the kickoff day for the week and is Charlie shift celebrating with pajama day and breakfast made for them. We have theme days and lunch planned …

A Message from APCO’s President

During the week of April 8 – 14, 2018, our emergency communications centers around the country will be celebrating their public safety telecommunicators in a variety of ways. One of the simplest and easiest ways to celebrate these professionals is through recognition of what they do every day, which is …

Jefferson County Celebrates

This is how Jefferson Co. E-911 will be celebrating and our memo that we sent out: Jefferson Co. E-911 is please to announce the plans/schedule for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. THEME DAYS: Each day will have a theme assigned to it. Food that day will be based on the …

Aloha Week

Sweets Day, Meal Day, and Casual Dress Day to wear 911 T-shirts jeans and sneakers. Color your Tiki mask and Hawaiian shirt and post on lockers. Name your Luau bear. Create a recipe for tropical drink. Create recipe using SPAM. Photo booth for group photos of shifts. Gift bags and …

Ice Cream Sundaes and More

Our County Commissioners signed a proclamation at their last meeting. Also, I will be bringing in Ice Cream and Sundae toppings (chocolate/butterscotch syrup, sprinkles, whip cream, cheries, etc) for all the shifts. Also, we plan to take a couple of dispatchers to the local radio station to do an on …

The Golden Year for the Thin Gold Line

Each team (T1Days, T1Nights, T2Days, T2Nights) are making large window decorations telling the story of the history of each agency we are partnered with (we are a combined communications center). Our Support Services Unit (training academy) will decorate 2 windows with the overall history of 911 and 911 around the …