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Our center has dealt with tragedies such as the  911 terrorist attacks to Super Storm Sandy and beyond.

St. Joseph County 911

Our comm center has been through the struggle for the past four years as we consolidated down into one center.

Lewiston Auburn 911

APCO should buy my team at Lewiston Auburn 911 lunch because they are one of the busiest PSAP’s in the State of Maine and they are Rock Stars!

Fort Collins 911

While we know that all dispatch centers are great, we think our team is amazing and they demonstrate professionalism, dedication, and compassion every day.

Sheridan County 911

While I could bore everyone with the stats on my center and all the work we do, it’s really preaching to the choir.

Calhoun County 9-1-1

Just like every other agency out there…we all work long, hard hours. We miss holidays and special events with our families.

Lake County 911 Communications

In the last few years we have pulled together and worked impossible hours when we have been even more shorthanded than we are now,

Heartland Communications

HCFA is a strong and stable 911 dispatch communications center that provides services to fire/EMS agencies in parts of San Diego County.

Paulding E-911

“The Best of the Best,” every employee here goes above and beyond the call of duty every day.

Chippewa County Central Dispatch

Our telecommunicators are both call takers and dispatchers simultaneously; they work long hours and often stay past their regularly scheduled 12 hour shifts.

Denver 911

Throughout the past year, Denver 911 faced extraordinary challenges and circumstances with compassion, kindness and grace.

Knox County 911- Ohio

Whenever some kind of tragedy occurs in our county, our dispatch center tends to work together in the chaos that comes with it.


Northern911 offers Voice over Internet Protocol (V911) emergency call taking to carriers across North America.


On November 28, 2016 I became the person on the other end of a 911 call.

Henry Co. 911

We work in a small tight knit community serving folks we know on a first name bases. From August 2017 to March 2018  we suffered great loss.

St Joseph County 911

We are a fairly newly consolidated center, and our dispatchers have suffered a ton of changes over the last few years.

Consolidated Dispatch Agency

As the liaison for the Tallahassee Fire Department to the CDA, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our “First” First Responders.

Marion County Public Safety

I have seen this team deal with an impending hurricane, a school shooting and responding to the call for help from a neighbor county after Hurricane Michael.

Shawnee Communications Center

This past year, the Shawnee telecommunicators faced continuous change, a nation-wide staffing shortage, as well as, the evolution of the 9-1-1 industry.

Littleton Police Communications

In addition to being the most fun, comedic, and entertaining group you will ever meet, we also have a chief-approved, live-in unicorn.

Bell County Comm Center

I wanted to share a story that shows the team’s dedication to our jobs as well as a proven testament to what we are capable of.

Hancock County 911 (Indiana)

While our dispatch family knows how to have fun no matter what we are doing, our jobs are serious and we get the job done when called upon.